Better Than Me – New Song Revised

I posted this song yesterday from SoundCloud but have been messing around with it more today and have been working on the guitars as I was not happy at all with the solo, it was too staccato and top heavy. I’m a bit happier now but am sure it will change again as I listen to it more. This time I have uploaded the video to YouTube and overlaid the lyrics on the video itself.

I have been working on this song for around a week and actually started composing live on Facebook with just me playing the piano. I then took that idea and expanded upon it and came up with something based on it but did change the chord sequence in the chorus as that would never have worked vocally for me. It’s not my usual style as this one initially focuses on the vocals and I don’t proclaim to be a particularly good vocalist but you deal with what you’ve got!

The actual song itself has been inspired by the constant moaning I have seen on various social media sites and even the BBC news regarding Britain leaving the EU. What I am seeing is people on the left of politics abusing those who voted brexit casting labels and generally talking the country down. I found it quite sad if I am honest. The song starts with me wanting to understand the the other person and showing that I am willing to listen. In return, just because my view differs the other person refuses to consider seeing the world through my eyes and is somehow in denial rather than getting on with it and indeed along with other peoples, the majorities, view and simply throwing knee-jerk abuse. The same seems to be happening across the pond in America with Donald Trump. We may not always like people’s choices but surely democracy should reign.

The lyrics are overlaid onto the video which is just basically the song playing in Apple Logic Pro X.


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