I Protest Against Your Protest

It seems as though we are living in an endless world of protest. Anti Trump, anti Teresa May, anti Brexit anti everything! I’m bored with it all to be honest, in the UK we had a referendum on whether or not to leave the EU and the people chose to leave, the people of the USA had a Presidential election and they chose Trump – these are all democratic decisions and this is what this song is all about. It seems people who don’t get the outcome that they would prefer are acting like petulant children who’s mummy won’t let them go to McDonalds. Get over yourselves nobody says you have to like the outcome but it’s becoming ridiculous! As for celebrities apologising on our behalves or shedding fake tears to get TV time because they are shit celebrities is simply pathetic and pretty laughable. I just wish people would read beyond a headline or TV soundbite and actually learn the facts before signing a dumb petition that is highly unlikely to change the democratic vote. I say this to both sides of political spectrum, left and right, however it seems to me that most of the whinging is coming from the left side at present. Play nicely and stop labeling people you don’t know.

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